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Mondee provides an exclusive platform for Vendors and Suppliers to load and display their products, promotions and services to travel professionals. Our proprietary software, combined with our family of brands, delivers the most effective management, distribution and control of content to global target markets.

Our consolidator businesses provide an unparalleled gateway to ethnic markets through our personalized, culturally sensitive service.  Our technology maximizes efficiency in reaching this growing audience which is expected to double in the next 10 years to over 100 million potential travelers.

With Mondee, suppliers can harness the power of big data analytics to promote selected private fares for specific O&D’s in real-time to reduce costs and increase exposure.  

  • We speak over 30 different languages and 87 dialects to build the strongest relationships with ethnic communities from around the world.
  • Our vast agent network powered with TripPro™ technology allows suppliers to micro target exclusive opaque fares directly to ethnic audiences – and to differentiate on value and quality, not just price.
  • Our big data capability produces actionable insights through advanced segmentation and analytics, maximizing airlines’ ability to define unique offers based on agent profiles, without undermining mass market pricing structures.
  • We educate agents on airline new product and customer offerings across our network of locations through multichannel real-time trigger messaging.
  • Our dynamic content capabilities allow airlines to tailor campaigns at the agent level.

Mondee’s TripPro™ platform provides exclusive access to private fares. With over thirty years’ history, an outstanding reputation and significant volume, our family of consolidator brands offers the best rates backed by the highest levels of professionalism.  And our extensive network of offices and specialists provides the highest level of service and support, offering culturally sensitive, expert support in over 30 languages.  

Our software solutions are fully integrated with the leading GDS systems. As an approved technology partner, we’ve created TripPro™ Desktop which allows travel professionals to access consolidator fares without any change to their workflow. Our technology, combined with our family of brands, delivers unique itineraries with the best value. 

TripPro™ is simple to use, allows custom markups, saves your clients money, and takes less time than traditional methods. For the first time ever, travel agents can compare consolidator airfares directly from their GDS with no additional logins. Mondee has developed a vast range of software solutions to enable the travel professional to sell efficiently and cost effectively. TripPro™ is also available via API and Browser versions.

  • No training required – plug and play – no new commands
  • Efficient, real-time ticketing 24/7
  • Eliminates additional searches - a true timesaver
  • Available directly on your GDS screen - Real-time results
  • Find unpublished fares and hidden routings - one click, that’s it!
  • Exclusive access to our Private Content Hub™ - Every Airline, Every Route
  • Streamlined markup tools


Mondee goes well beyond air carrier partnerships by creating other buyer-focused offerings that highlight value as well as price. Programs are already online or in process with well-known brands representing car hire and limousine firms, hotels, cruise companies, associations, tour operators, tourism boards, rail operators and technology partners. 

Mondee's unique ability to assemble inventory and expertise across these groups provides the basis for a dynamic packaging experience unparalleled within the industry.

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