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Vice President, Specialty & Global Sales


Jasvinder Binning is the Vice President, Specialty and Global Sales of the Mondee Group. He drives organizational growth with over 15 years of experience working in the Aviation, Consolidation and Travel Technology domain. Prior to joining the Mondee Group, his experience spanned from developing strategic business development plans at British Airport Authority (UK) to optimizing yield and managing Travel Supplier relations at American Express.  

In his present role, his responsibilities range from integrating and launching API-based travel products to negotiating strategic partnership opportunities with global suppliers and distributors. He believes that API Travel Technology requires constant innovation as well as streamlined effort to deliver greater value to customers and the content distributors.

Jasvinder received his Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Business Management from De Montfort University (UK).  He also holds two postgraduate degrees: a Master of Science degree in Computing from De Montfort University (UK) and Masters of Science degree in Aviation Development from Loughborough University (UK).


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