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Director, Agent Settlement


Jaspal Kaur is the Director, Agent Settlement of Mondee, Inc.  In her present role, she leads the quality control function for the global market leader and for all its 5 consolidator companies (SkyLink USA, SkyLink Canada, Hari World, Transam, CNH International).  Managing a multinational team in India and Canada, she provides invoice processing and inter-company reconciliations, customer statement reconciliations, CRM case management, AR support and account management among others.

In her previous roles, her responsibilities included transformation and international set up of a sub-division, systems management and automation, accounting management, specialized AR functions, corporate training and academics, and serving as a technological liaison.  Jaspal has over 20 years of extensive experience in the travel consolidator industry sector, finance and transformation functions, and as a seasoned entrepreneur in the insurance and investment-planning sector. Jaspal received her Bachelor of Science degree, Bachelor of Education degree, and a Master of Science in Child Psychology degree from Delhi University – Lady Irwin College. 


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