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Mondee is rapidly transforming the travel industry’s approach to private fares. Our leading edge TripPro™ technology creates the next generation of private fare distribution by harnessing big data capability, innovative search algorithms and advanced merchandising.

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Consolidator and private fares are now fully integrated into the agent environment at the point of sale via GDS Desktop, Browser or API. Initially focused on air transactions, Mondee is rapidly expanding our focus to new categories that will include hotel, cruise and attractions spanning the globe.


TripPro™ by Mondee produces the lowest fares by combining the inventory and wholesale pricing from the world’s top air consolidators. The TripPro™ platform is simple to use and empowers travel professionals to control commissions and increase profits by enabling complete access to international private fares, all in one click. TripPro's advanced technology delivers the most powerful global access available from a single source.

Private Content Hub

Unparalleled in size, scope and vision, the Mondee content hub brings together the best content from the world’s leading airlines and distributes it through an extensive network of over 15,000 travel agents. Consolidator and private fares, previously fragmented offline and difficult to access, are now available instantaneously and ubiquitously via our proprietary TripPro™ platform – all seamlessly integrated into the online agent workflow. The TripPro™ platform creates a unique merchandising platform for travel suppliers, offering private fare content to agencies and other distributors from over 100 different airlines spanning the world.

We speak over 30 different languages and 87 dialects to build the strongest relationships with ethnic communities from around the world.

  • Our vast agent network combined with TripPro™ technology allows to micro target exclusive opaque fares directly to ethnic audiences – and to differentiate on value and quality, not just price
  • Our big data capability produces actionable insights through advanced segmentation and analytics, maximizing airline's ability to define unique offers based agent profiles without undermining mass market pricing structures
  • We educate agents on airline new product and customer offerings through real-time trigger messaging and an extensive field organization
  • Our dynamic content capabilities allow airlines to promote exclusive offers at the agent level
  • Our proprietary technology standardizes quality controls and automates ticketing to eliminate errors and debt memos

Increased sales to the most important markets and routes, fewer broken marriage transactions, reduced debit memos….

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